Woodworking Bench Plans – The First Step of Your First Project

Finding woodworking bench plans should be the first step of your first project if you want to get into the woodworking craft. What is so great about woodworking, why would I want to get into it, why would I need a bench, and why would finding a set of plans be my first step? Those are very logical questions so let’s answer them one at a time.

First let’s start with what is so great about the woodworking craft. There are countless things you can create or build once you learn a craft like this and every one of them gives you many chances to explore and showcase your artistic abilities and style. You also get a lot of gratification and satisfaction from a craft like this because you are taking raw materials and spending your time doing something that is fun and you end up with furniture or something added to your home that adds value.

Why would you want to get into the craft? Everyone needs a good hobby and with this one you can spend your time doing something very useful. You can make things and give them to friends and family members for Christmas and birthdays and they will be getting something that is quality made and unique. You can fill your home with high quality, beautiful furniture and save a lot of money that you would have given to a furniture store. All the things you make can stay in your family and be passed down for many generations to come or they can be sold.

Why would I start my woodworking craft experience with a bench? A bench is actually very easy to build and it can be done with just a few tools and a small amount of materials. You will learn a few of the basics of woodworking and carpentry by building a simple bench and you will have something that is useful. You can either build a small bench to be used in your woodworking craft so you will have a place to do some small projects or you can use the bench in your home for other purposes. A simple bench could also be covered with cork or bamboo flooring and either be used or displayed ornamentally.

Why would I need a set of woodworking bench plans to build a bench? Even though building a bench is simple you would need a set of plans as a guideline. There is an old saying that goes, “fail to plan and you are planning to fail” and that fits perfectly with this craft. It may be a simple project that can be elaborated on or just left as plain looking but it will go a lot easier with a set of plans. You would have a guideline that shows what to do in a step by step manner.

Why would finding a set of woodworking bench plans be the first step? If you wanted to get into the woodworking craft and you decided that a bench would be your very first project it would make a lot of sense to start with finding a set of woodworking bench plans. There will be at least 3 things in a good set of plans. There would be a step by step guide complete with graphics on the construction of the bench and there would be a list of tools you would need and a list of the material necessary to complete the project.

Knowing what tools are required and how much wood and other supplies you may need will save you a lot of time and trouble. One of the main basic principles anyone has to learn about woodworking is about what to use and how to attach two pieces of wood together. You need small nails or screws for small pieces and large nails or screws for large pieces of wood. Use nails that are too big or too long and they either split the wood or stick out the other side. Use nails or screws that are too small and your bench falls apart.

The woodworking craft is a great hobby to get into and it’s a whole lot easier than it used to be. Material is easier to get. There are tools that make everything a lot easier. And the basics of woodworking are never going to change. You can start with small simple projects, like a bench, and work your way through to very complex projects and learn the basics as you progress. But it all starts with something simple like a bench and for that you should start with a great set of woodworking bench plans.