Reason for unintentional weight gain

Reason for unintentional weight gain

Did it ever happen to you that you wanted to lose weight but you found yourself gaining it?

Or did it happen in such a way that everything was going smooth and all of a sudden your weight started to rise?

If you had not done anything unusual and other than routine but still you started to gain weight, this can be an alarming sign for you as you could be losing weight due to some unintentional reasons and they could even be bad for your health. Now there are a lot of reasons why someone can gain weight without wanting to and this post is all about them.

Here we are going to take a look at the reasons for unintentional weight gain in men and women and based on these, a few solutions that we have, would also be presented.

  • Pregnancy

One reason in the women can be pregnancy where due to the baby inside your tummy, you start growing up and gain weight. Some women eat a lot in the pregnancy so that they can provide for the necessary nutrition for the baby and for their own body. This weight often wears off after the child birth with the help of workouts and diets.

  • Hormonal changes

Another reason behind the weight gain is hormonal changes in the body. It occurs typically in women during the years 40-45 where they start entering their menopause. some women get recovered by the use of some medications while others might have to go for the bioidentical hormones Atlanta therapy in order to bring the balance back to their natural level. What is required varies from person to person and only your health care provider can tell you that.

  • Menstruation

Some temporary weight gain might be due to the menstrualcycles where bloating and other things in the body make you look and feel heavier than you actually are. And for most of the women this ends with the end of their period.

  • Medicines

Sometimes certain medicines can also be the reason behind the excessive weight gain. Many people who have different kind of seasonal allergies also report that they have gained weight due to the use of the anti-allergic medicines. This weight might not wear off so easily because you have to take your medicines all the times.