The Spring Garden and It’s Health Benefits

Spring is the best time of the year. During spring it is like the colours have come to life. The flowers bloom, the days are bright and beautiful and who would not enjoy such a time of the year. Of course gardening during this time of the year is a great idea. It is also one of the favourite pastimes of the oldies in the nursing care homes.

Besides being a favourite pastime, gardening also provides a lot of health benefits.

How can gardening keep you healthy?

Gardening is a natural exercise. It improves your flexibility and mobility. For those who do not have schedules or appointments to keep then it is very convenient for them to become inactive. Gardening is an activity full of fun which stimulates your body’s system without making you realize like you are doing your exercises.

It incorporates all the areas of your body with stooping, bending and reaching to provide an overall fitness and improvement in your movement activities and motor skills. It improves you strength too as you would spend most of the time in the garden pulling out the weeds and digging the dirt.

Gardening is also very beneficial in regulating your stress level. It allows you to relax which results in better health and improved sleeping. You also have an improved mental awareness due to being exposed to the fresh air for longer hours, the elderly people should spend more time gardening as it also benefits their ability to concentrate and focus. The major benefit is that you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables at your own place. You will be able to have healthy food having high nutritional value.

Safe gardening tips

It is not necessary to give up gardening as you grow older, instead gardening should be made a regular habit in the old age. In fact, gardening should be made easy and convenient for them. A lot of things can be modified in order to allow them to participate in the gardening activity which they will surely enjoy.

You can use patio plants in pots which can be placed at their waist level so they need not stoop down every now and then pressurizing their back. Also make sure to get plastic buckets and lightweight tools which are easier to handle. Arrange for a shaded area near the gardening place for the elderly ones so that they can rest after a while. Set up comfortable chairs so that they can sit and rest. In a few home care services the staff or the caregivers assists the senior with the gardening job. They are with them always in case they would need any help at any time.

All the nursing care homes should do gardening to keep the oldies of the home fit and fine. Gardening is an activity with a lot of health benefits. It would help them pass their time, keep them energetic and they will have something exciting to do daily instead of thinking what to do the whole day.

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