How Do Care Home Residents Cope With Time Change in the Summer

How Do Care Home Residents Cope With Time Change in the Summer

It is becoming quite difficult for the nursing care homes, to cope up with the change to the summer period. Well, undoubtedly it is very clear to all that the clock is changing and giving more daylight during the evening hours and less in the morning time. So the concern here is that how will the elder people of the care home cope up with them.

Sleep issues

Well, of course there are going to be effects on the sleeping times as the clock has jumped one hour ahead of time. People are getting one hour less to sleep which can be quite hard to adjust for the aged people. Some would suffer from mood problems, fatigue and slower reactions. Researchers have shown that there is an increase in traffic accidents, heart attacks and workplace injuries as people are not able to get their proper sleep.

The aged people should dim the lights early at night and should incorporate a habit of going to sleep early to bed. They should create a quiet sleeping environment, it should be cool and dark with comfortable beds so that they can fall asleep faster.

Reset your routine

Do not change your weekday routine because during the weekdays you tend to sleep early. There is a slight change needed during for the weekend times, you tend to stay up late during the weekends which you should not do. If you follow the weekday rule even on the weekend then this one hour issue is surely not to have much impact on you.

If you cannot sleep early, then make sure you tire yourself enough daily so that you end up sleeping early at night. Practice this for a couple of weeks and your sleeping time will definitely be back on track. You also need to stop thinking about the hone hour you lost, the more you think the more you will be affected by it.

Encourage the elderly people to stay fit

Ensure activities for the aged people and make sure they do their daily dose of exercises. A little bit of an evening walk or a short warm up or many other physical activities are surely going to benefit them. Also make sure that they eat the right amount of food. Generally, during the summer time people tend to lose their appetite, so make sure you eat properly and keep yourself hydrated.

If you set up challenges and tasks for yourself, then you will not think about the rising degrees instead you will think about the daily challenge you need to set for yourself and how you shall achieve it.

Summing it all up, care home residents are surely going to have a tough time in coping up with the change to the summer time. But the nursing care homes is going to make sure that this does not look like a mammoth task to the residents and will try their level best in making the people adjusted to this natural change.

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