Wooden Cremation Urns – Unique and Sturdy

Wooden funeral urns are earthy as well as elegant. They have a unique feature that no two urns can be same. They are a good way of expressing your love to the deceased by preserving the ashes in them. There are multiple varieties of wood available from which the urns can be manufactured. There are the naturally hardy woods which give the urns sturdiness and then there are lighter woods which can be used to give different shapes to the urns. Oakwood, Cherry, Mahogany, Pine and Maple are some of the trees that are used to make funeral urns. Each tree has its own uniqueness and the user also looks for the similarity between the characteristics of the tree and that of the deceased. These woods are not only different in their characteristics but also in their color which automatically gets transferred to the Cremation urns too.

The other thing about cremation urns is the location that you are going to place it in. Wooden urns have a very soothing effect and hence can be placed somewhere it is visible to everyone. There are different types of wooden urns found in the market which can be listed as:

Rectangular Urns:

These urns are given a rectangular shape and they are made from solid planks of wood. These are manufactured by skilled carpenters and can be customized according to your preference.

Vase Shaped Urns:

These are made on a wood lathe and are given unique shapes. These urns are pieces of art in their own rights and quite distinctive.

Hand Made Wood Urns:

These are crafted by skilled masters and are therefore quite unique. These hand crafted urns also have very distinctive and exclusive designs which give them a special look.

Wooden Urns Engraved by Laser:

Creating minute and complex designs on the wooden urns is possible due to the laser technology. This can be used to create designs that suit your choice and the personality of the deceased. Even intricate designs can be brought to life through the use of laser.

Thus wooden urns are unmistakably one of the better options to choose for your deceased loved one. They can last longer and are completely bio-degradable. Hence they are safe for the environment too. Each wooden urn has its own unique character and you just have to pick the one that suits your requirement and the personality of the deceased.

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