Wooden Cremation Urns – Natural and Beautiful

Cremation urns are meant to be kept as a reminder of your loved one who has travelled to the heavenly abode. It preserves the memories of the bereaved one. In a traditional way, cremation urns are made out of metals and marble. But over the years the trends changed and nowadays, these urns are available in all kinds of material including wood. Wood is considered to be a good alternative to metal or marble not only because they are bio-degradable but also because they are naturally beautiful. These can be made from any type of wood, be it domestic or an exotic variety.

Wooden urns are made from a variety of hardwoods like the Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple and some of the exotic variety like the Burmese Teak Wood is also used to create beautiful cremation urns.

The wooden urns look appealing and soothing to the eyes and are smooth to touch. They have endearing appeal that gives a soothing feeling to the family members of the deceased soul. After all it is made up of a very natural material and that feeling in itself is needed to calm down the bereaved. Moreover, wooden urns look elegant in any memorial display.

A sense of tranquil prevails when you look at a wooden urn and you think of the best times that you have spent with your loved one. It brings you closer to the deceased. These urns have an enduring and endearing quality that makes them one amongst the more popular choices.

Many people keep the remains of their loved ones in the wooden urns till they reach point of healing and are ready to let go of the pain. They immerse the ashes, disperse it or bury the cremation urn. As wooden urns are biodegradable they are considered to be a better choice. Then there are some people who would like to place the wooden cremation urn at such a location that it would be visible to all. At times such people select the urn that has been made out of such wood that would match their home furniture.

Many people choose wooden urns because they want to showcase the qualities possessed by the deceased. Like Oak wood urn represents the strength and sturdiness of character in the deceased. There are also instances that people choose a particular kind of wooden urn because that wood was liked by the person now gone. It brings them closer to the deceased and gives them a sense of satisfaction.

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