Why It’s Best To Plan For Funeral Services In Advance

Why It’s Best To Plan For Funeral Services In Advance

Memorials can be incredibly expensive. There is no getting around it, especially when there is a sense of urgency. However, there are steps that you and your loved ones can and should take to help alleviate much of the financial burden and stress that often comes along with planning for funeral services during the time of bereavement.

Preplanning and Prepaying

Before you get started with planning the funeral services, it’s important for you to note that preplanning and prepaying don’t necessarily have to go together, although they could. Specifically, you’ll want to think about how much of the process you’ll want to take care of in advance. Do you want to just record all of the details of the ceremony and/or services? Or, do you want to record all of your wishes as well as pre-pay for the memorial? As you contemplate those answers, keep the next sections in mind.

Have It Your Way

As much as your friends and loved ones would like to send you off with the most beautiful ceremony that their money can buy, those plans might not exactly fit in with your idea of a graceful send-off. Specifics like what kind of flowers you want placed around you, the type of music you want played at your viewing, or even if you want a service with cremation are just some of the things that you can decide in advance. Doing so will not only help lift the burden of the decision off of your loved ones, but will also help ensure that your send-off is exactly the way you would like it to be.

Control Spending

One of the most common pitfalls that friends and loved ones tend to fall into when planning for funeral services is emotional spending. Regardless of where it’s coming from, it can be avoided. By pre-planning a memorial, you can avoid overspending on things you wouldn’t even consider if you weren’t planning during a state of grieving. Furthermore, by planning in advance, you’ll also have the option to make any changes should your needs or desires change.

Lock In Today’s Price

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of pre-planning funeral services is the cost savings. Today, the average burial, casket, and vault can cost upwards of about $7,000, according to USA.gov. If you were to plan a memorial in advance of the need, you would be able to lock in today’s prices. It’s no secret that prices tend to increase over time, and with so much financial uncertainty at stake, it may be in your best interest to lock in a good price now. If it’s too costly for you to afford right now, contact your local funeral home to verify if they’re willing to extend payment plans for customers planning pre-need.

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