Cremation Urns – Types and Trends

Death of a loved one is one of the hardest times for a family. In just a few seconds a person is gone permanently from your lives and you are left with just memories to remember. Till a few years ago there were not many people who would like to get cremation urns for their beloved ones. But with the changing times, the thought processes of people too have undergone a change. Instead of having long drawn funerals with memorial services and church gatherings, people today prefer to have their loved ones cremated. With the rising cost of burials these days, cremating is a more cost effective way of paying your last respects to the deceased soul.

After the cremation, you get to preserve the ashes of your dear one for which you need to get a cremation urn. In today’s world there is growing trend to preserve the ashes and there are multiple options available in terms of the shapes, size and the material used for making the urn. People like to keep the memory of their near and dear ones alive and would like to remember them as they were when they were alive. For this there can be custom made urns which would suit the personality of the deceased. In fact there is a growing interest for designer urns in the market. But given below are some of the types of urns that can be used to preserve the ashes of your loved one:

Infant Urns:

As is the name of the urn, it is meant to preserve the ashes of a child. The urn is designed on children related themes. At times these urns have the name and the date of birth of the child inscribed on it. A picture of the child can also be printed as a mark of love and affection for the child.

Companion Urns:

There are some instances where companions do not want to stay apart even after death. And to preserve this memory, there are companion urns available. They are designed with two storage units to keep the remains of both the people and at times there are ones with a single storage unit where you can put both the ashes together.

Portrait Urns:

A portrait urn will have the picture of the deceased person on its surface. The urn looks similar to a portrait but has storage space to keep the ashes intact.

Whatever type the urn may be, the most important thing is that you should feel satisfied that you are keeping the memory of your loved one intact in an appropriate manner.

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