How to Buy Lace Weight Yarns Online

Buying yarn online is actually easier than you may think. So many people turn to the internet these days to do their shopping. You find better prices, you can compare prices and suppliers and you enjoy the convenience of your order being delivered to the door.

The first step to buying the right lace yarn online is to search for suppliers who will deliver to your area. You can order globally if you want or have a specific brand you want to buy, though buying in your own country is usually the best option, as you will find that you will get delivery faster so you can start your project without delay.

It is recommended that you choose three knitting specialist companies so that you can compare and review each one, creating shortlist and narrowing your search down to the last company you feel you want to do business with moving forward.

Go through each of the company’s websites in detail. Take the time to look at the selection of yarn they have, in addition to their lace weight yarn.

This will enable you to choose a company you can use time and time again. Building up a relationship with your supplier and having good service each time will reduce you having to go through this process every time you want to buy more yarn.

Read through the information the company provides. Ideally when looking for lace weight yarn, you want to choose a supplier that is passionate about knitting and will provide you with an extensive range of yarns, patterns, accessories and more.

The team should be willing and able to provide advice and to help you with any knitting project you have from choosing a pattern based on your experience to choosing the right yarn and needle size.

Look at the various yarn weights on offer so that you know what to expect in the future. Remember lace weight yarns are the thinnest yarns you can buy and are best used with the smallest needle size, 000-1. Be sure that you only focus on this yarn size if your pattern asks for it.

Go through each of the suppliers sites to identify what they are charging for lace weight yarns. If you are buying a particular brand, then pricing differences should be minimal. If you find a company that is charging too little or maybe too much for the same brand you can buy elsewhere, then let this be a red flag. Prices should be similar across the board.

Read up on each company. Don’t rely on the reviews you find on their particular website. Ensure you also focus on independent review sites and online knitting forums.

These outside sources are where you can find honest reviews from customers about their past experiences. This can help you identify how quickly the company really does take to deliver and if they provide a good after-sales service. Identify how they are when it comes to returns and refunds.

The step above will help you narrow down your search considerably for lace weight yarns online. From here you can now go through the remaining suppliers site to identify how long they take to dispatch orders, if they keep stock in store and what their delivery times are like.

The final step to making a decision is to identify if the company you are choosing will provide you with a good returns policy that you can trust should you purchase the wrong yarn and want to replace it or get a refund.

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