Simple Baby Shower Food Ideas

Hosting a baby shower for a friend or a family member is a great honor. It means you are highly thought of, but it also means you have a lot of work ahead of you. Don’t worry, you’ll survive it, that much is true. Below are some easy ideas you could use for serving food at a baby shower (to make your life a little easier!)

Finger Foods

Serving finger foods are great because it allows your guests to socialize while getting something in their belly. Serving a full meal is not necessary, and not advised for a lot of reasons, one being it inhibits the guests to mingle.

Keep it simple. Sub sandwiches can be purchased for relatively cheap and you can cut them into small pieces. You can also choose to make a meat and cheese tray and set out some rolls so your guests can make their own sandwiches if they choose. Don’t forget condiments though. Mayonnaise and mustard can make or break it. You’ll also need knives to spread the mayo and/or mustard.

Tortilla roll ups are extremely easy to make and have the appearance of fancy (if nothing else, they LOOK like they took time to make).


Appetizers are another way to provide a tasty treat for your guests without causing a social delay. Dips, fruit, veggies… anything a guest can “pick at” and eat at will.

Pretzels or chips can be placed in a bowl for guests to nibble on. French onion dip is an excellent offering because it’s pretty cheap, and multiple items can be dipped. Salsa should also not be vetoed – it’s a very simple food that often gets overlooked.

You may want to consider doing two or three different types of dip, with 3 or 4 choices of dipping items.


Something sweet is definitely advised for those guests who have a bit of a sweet tooth. Nothing overboard or too fancy (because you still have cake!) but maybe a plate of cookies, brownies, or M&M’s.

The one thing to keep in mind while planning a baby shower is the time it’s set for. If you have the shower near dinner time, you should probably feed your guests dinner. An in between meal time is highly advised, to make it easier on yourself. In addition to your ease, it is highly likely many of your guests have families at home they’ll still need to make dinner for.

Hosting a baby shower definitely has a lot of challenges, but hopefully with these simple food ideas, you can breath a sigh of short relief.

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