How to Keep a Baby Shower a Secret From the Mom to Be

Your best friend, your sister, your aunt, or heck, I guess it could even be your mother – is pregnant, and you want to throw a secret baby shower for her, but you have no clue how to keep it a secret? I got you covered. This article will give you tips on how to host a surprise baby shower.

The number one rule when planning any kind of surprise is very important and should not be mis-weighed in its importance. That rule is this: BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TELL. I write this in all capitals because it is that important. It is extremely difficult to keep secrets for some people, and in a lot of cases, some secrets just get spilled by accident.

Of course to host a secret shower, you have to tell any and all guests about the event. You can’t decide not to tell them and you can’t pick and choose who you tell… however, you can make it very clear to them that it is a surprise and the mother to be has no clue of it’s existence.

It is also a good idea to include the daddy to be in the plans, so he can make sure the mother to be is available on the day of the shower. He can also provide you insight on what days and times would be good (it doesn’t have to be the daddy to be… it can be anybody who is close in her life and knows her basic schedule.) This person can also provide additional guest information should you not have it. For example, his side of the family, or her family members you don’t know.

You can either do paper invitations, or phone calls. If you do paper invitations, re-iterate that the shower is a surprise and please direct all questions and R.S.V.P’s to you. Make sure you include your phone number on the invitation so that guests can contact you if they have any questions.

There are many ways to get the mommy to be to her baby shower without knowing that is where she is going. You’ll have to first decide when you want to secret spilled. Will you be happy with keeping it a surprise until that day, or would you rather have it kept a complete surprise until she arrives? A complete surprise until she arrives is a little more difficult to pull off, but it can certainly be done. You will need to come up with a great excuse or reason why she needs to come to where you are hosting the shower.

One word of advice though. Know your guest of honor. Not all people enjoy surprises. Make sure if you are doing a secret shower that it is not going to end up embarrassing or angering a pregnant woman. Ultimately a baby shower is for her, so make sure it will make her happy.

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