3 Ideas For A Fun Baby Shower Cake

Baby showers are such eventful and joyous occasions. Whether you are the parent-to-be, or you are spending time with someone close to you who is expecting, a baby shower is a chance to come together and celebrate the life of a newborn child. Aside from the gifts, the games and the social events at a shower, one of the most anticipated events is having the cake. So, if you are uncertain of cake ideas for your upcoming shower, you are in luck.

Here are three ideas that you can implement into your own cake.

Stork Cake

A stork cake may seem a bit outdated, but it’s a classic and formal cake idea that you can make for your baby shower. Typically, a baby shower is going to have a variety of people that you know attending. This means that you need to have a cake that is elegant, fun and not too controversial (say, a dirty diaper cake that is a great choice at some baby showers). One element to add to any cake is the inside, as should be considered for all of the cakes in this content. If your friends and family don’t yet know the gender of your baby, than you can put a color that represents the gender on the inside of the cake. When you go to cut it, everyone will see and you can rejoice over the gender of the baby. This is a great idea inside any cake, but certainly with a stork cake as well.

Baby Buggy Cake

With a baby buggy cake, you can make it as decorative or as elegant as you choose. And depending on your preference in a modern or classic buggy, you can add those elements as well. Again, add some food coloring to the inside to inform your guests of what the gender of the child will be for extra fun and excitement.

Cigar Box Cake

If the father of the child is going to be in attendance, a Cigar box cake is a creative way to involve the men at the party. Baby showers are commonly known for being important to women, but men can enjoy them too. After all, baby showers are typically most fun when everyone is involved and invited. A cigar cake adds a creative and manly flavor to the party.

Your baby shower is going to be a great time that everyone will surely enjoy. But before you go out and buy a cake, consider the options on this list. You’ll be sure to have everyone at your party talking about how great it is with the ideas presented here.

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